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            Welcome OKK
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            Company profile

            Fujian Nanan H-TEC Machinery Co., Ltd began life as Fujian Nan An Second Machinery Plant of Light Industry, and restructured in 2002, Our company located in a famous overseas Chinese hometown- Meishan town timber market. It is affiliated enterprises of Hong Kong OKK international Ltd.

            OKK Machinery based on Germany and Italy advanced technology, focus on fiber powder mixing equipment and biomass equipment research and development. In 2010,we have covers an area of 20 mu of biomass pellet fuel experimental base, we combined with China rapid development reality and environment protection requirement, our researched and manufactured concentrate on dry powder mixed equipment (Global initiative, domestic leading), OKK caulking gun, ZLP series biomass pellet making machine, HGSZ wood exclusive use dryer, HF series wood pellet burner, HL industrial melting and holding furnace, the biomass steam engine anther materials dryer etc. Among of them, we have three series of products that won the title of the domestic leading level, they are dry powder mixed equipment, biomass pellet making machine, biomass industrial melting and holding furnace, all are concluded as domestic leading level among the domestic similar products by 18 experts in 2013. And our company own the Fujian province new and high technology enterprise in the 2015 year.

            We have 4 national invention patents, 57 countries utility patents. Equipment has been used in 31 countries, favored by customers at home and abroad, many times honored and supported by all levels governments every year.

            Our adhere to the “forward service” business philosophy, constantly sell “China create” low-carbon equipment to all over the world, to build a beautiful earth.

            CONTACT US

            Contact: Mr. Liu

            Tel: 0595-86590898;68993988

            Fax: 0595-86585377;68993986

            Email: 942584423@qq.com

            Add: FuJing nanan

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